Product Code Product Name Product Description Finishes Available Min Order Quantity Specsheet Download
DP90-62 Discpack90-62 Discpack90, 6 Panels, 2 Trays Standard Gloss Board
Reverse Board Matte Finish
Gloss Lamination
Matt Lamination
50 DP90-62 Download


Discpack90-62 6 Printed Panels, 2 Disc Trays

Our Discpack90-62 CD and DVD packaging product is an attractive and reliable method of housing and promoting your CD or DVD. They have 6 printable panels which can receive a digitally printed image and are constructed using high quality, precision cut cardstock with 2 robust moulded plastic trays adhered to the 2 inside right hand panels. The disc trays are transparent allowing for a printed image to be applied to the panels before the trays are fixed to them.

  • Panel 1 is the front cover of the discpack
  • Panel 2 is on the opposite side of the front cover
  • Panels 3 is the rear of the package, on the opposite side of the central CD tray (Panel 4)
  • Panel 4 has the first moulded plastic CD tray adhered to it. The CD tray is transparent allowing for a printed image to be applied to the panel before the tray is fixed to it.
  • Panel 5 is the panel which is visible on the right hand side when opening the discpack, on the opposite side of the second CD tray (Panel 6)
  • Panel 6 has the second moulded plastic CD tray adhered to it.

The artwork for all panels may feature images, text or a combination of both.

Our automated CD packaging and DVD packaging print and assembly system can quickly and efficiently produce large volumes with a consistent, premium quality finish.

DP90-62 can be housed in the slipcase DP90-62-SLIP or the O-card DP90-62-OCARD.


Our range of CD packaging and DVD packaging finishes:

Standard Gloss Board – Our standard printed card finish

Reverse Board Matt Finish – Reverse board printing results in a smooth, natural matt finish. Basically, the print is applied to the uncoated side of the cardstock. The uncoated side of the card absorbs more ink than the coated side but we allow for the higher absorption rate when the print run is set up so that you can be sure of a fully professional, even finish to your CD or DVD packaging.

Gloss Lamination – This finish results in a printed card product that has a highly glossy surface by laying a very thin, clear plastic layer onto the surface of the card. This reinforces the card packaging which makes it more durable and also water splash resistant.

Matt Lamination – This finish involves the application of a thin, clear plastic film to the surface of the card. The plastic has a satin finish rather than a glossy finish as with the gloss lamination process described previously. Again, this process makes the packaging more robust and splash resistant. The difference between gloss and matt lamination processes is that the resulting matt laminated CD packaging or DVD packaging has a smooth, less reflective finish when handled than the gloss laminated card.

Environmentally friendly – Both the plastic and cardboard components that make up the Discpack CD packaging and DVD packaging are 100% recyclable.